Molded Cone Face Masks


There are many hazards that could be floating in the air, but our face masks at Designer Care can keep you and your staff safe. Molded cone face masks are a great choice for anyone who is exposed to airborne particles that could pose a health risk, including warehouse workers, engineers, contractors, janitors, researchers, and anyone in the industrial or manufacturing fields. Molded cone masks, unlike the thin ear-loop masks, ensure no contact with the mouth or nose, for maximum breathability. Our cone face masks are designed for comfort and long wear, with a metal nose piece that forms a custom fit. Free from latex and fiberglass, these hypoallergenic masks won’t cause tickling or aggravation, and are safe for extended use. 

Designer Care molded cone face masks are breathable, but still offer the level of protection that industry professionals deserve. With a particle filtration efficiency (PFE) of 97% at 3 microns, these masks can protect you from the majority of airborne hazards like dust, dirt, aerosol sprays, soot, ash, and exhaust. These fluid-resistant masks are preferred by many commercial operations, to protect staff while on a jobsite, handling machinery, performing cleaning tasks, or on poor air quality days. Molded cone face masks are also worn by medical and dental professionals during routine cleanings and exams.

Adjustable Nose Piece, PFE 97% at 3 Micron, Latex Free, Fiberglass Free, Top Quality. Available in Colors: Sky Blue, Rose Pink

Comfortable design for easy breathing, fluid-resistant, aluminum nose guards.

Quantity: 1 box of 50 masks

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Sky Blue, Rose Pink


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