Now regarded as one of the best options in the glove market, nitrile is making waves. With superior protection quality, great fit, and excellent chemical resistance, nitrile gloves are popular in many industries. Naturally latex-free and made from a synthetic blend of polymers, this glove material is preferred for its durability, without sacrificing comfort. While nitrile gloves may cost a small bit more up front, they often pay for themselves with their long-lasting protection.

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Many people across a range of industries including automotive, tattooing, and others, love nitrile gloves for being the best of all worlds. Comfort, stretch, superior fit, and hard-wearing properties continue to make nitrile an industry leader.

Nitrile is waterproof, and can be worn under other gloves for additional protection against liquids. It is also highly resistant to tears and punctures, and is more resistant to friction than other glove materials. It offers a snug and comfortable fit, too, for optimal tactile feel and dexterity. These features make nitrile a great choice for heavy-duty tasks and/or long-wear tasks. Since nitrile doesn’t contain latex, these gloves can be safely worn by the vast majority of people.

Here at Designer Care, we are proud to offer a selection of nitrile gloves, so you can find which features suit your needs. We have unlined and flock lined options, beaded and bead-free cuffs, textured fingertips, and many other options. New to nitrile? Our staff of friendly professionals are here to help you choose which nitrile gloves would be best for your business. We carry different sizes and thicknesses, as well as different colors, and we’re happy to assist you with placing your order.