Our medical professionals spend every day working hard to save lives, and often put themselves at risk to do so. Doctors, nurses, phlebotomists, technicians, and other healthcare workers are continually exposed to germs, chemicals, and biohazards, and deserve the best personal protective equipment (PPE) on the market. Having the right gloves is essential, as this is a very hands-on industry!

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Designer Care provides a selection of disposable, protective gloves for medical workers, in a variety of materials, styles, and sizes. Whether you currently work in a hospital, laboratory, stand-alone clinic, mobile clinic, or another healthcare facility, you’re sure to find the best medical gloves at the best prices, right here.

Working in the medical field requires a fast pace and a superior commitment to hygiene. The best gloves for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare workers are easy to use, fit well, and are inexpensive enough for frequent glove changes. When performing exams, handling patient samples, drawing blood, or anything else, the right gloves can protect the wearer against infection, and protect the patient from cross-contamination. The best medical gloves combine a snug fight for optimal dexterity, and the right thickness to act as a vital safety barrier. Designer Care offers gloves made from vinyl, latex, and nitrile, so you can choose what is best for your healthcare practice. We carry powdered and powder-free, in many styles and sizes, all with fantastic bulk discounts.

Your medical PPE protocols should start with the essentials—a good pair of gloves! Get your medical-grade exam gloves right here, with us. If you’re not sure which material would suit your needs, reach out and let us help. We’re proud to support our healthcare workers in staying safe, so they can continue changing lives for the better.