In many industries, covering the head and hair is essential for maintaining hygiene. Here at Designer Care, we’re proud to carry several sizes of bouffant caps online, perfect for your medical, food service, or other business. These are soft, comfortable, non-woven caps that are designed to keep the hair out of the face and prevent possible contamination. Our selection of bouffant caps will get the job done, at an affordable price!

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Made from breathable, polypropylene fabric, Designer Care bouffant caps provide roomy coverage without the tight, itchy feel that many caps have. When you and your staff need to wear caps for long periods of time, it’s important to choose those that are soft and secure. Bouffant caps are not waterproof, and don’t offer resistance against fluids, but are great at maintaining basic hygiene when interacting with food, industrial products, or during interpersonal interactions in a healthcare setting. Often bouffant caps are worn by medical or surgical staff, covering the entire scalp, hairline, and ears, to prevent bacterial or fungal contamination. They are also utilized by food service workers, to prevent hair, dandruff, and other hazards from contaminating food products. Bouffant caps are naturally stretchy, and are able to accommodate a wide range of hair styles and lengths, making them a valuable part of any PPE protocol.

If you have been searching for the best bouffant caps online at great prices, you’ve come to the right place. We offer both a 21” and 24” disposable cap, ideal for keeping your facility and your staff up to the latest health and safety standards. Need help ordering your bouffant caps, or any other products? Reach out to our friendly staff today!