We are proud to supply a wide variety of gloves in all of the common materials. If your industry requires flexible gloves, then the odds are that we have what you need. Whether you need the strength of nitrile, the ease of use of vinyl, or the close form fit of latex, we will provide you with high quality and dependable gloves. In addition, our exam grade gloves are certified and meet all necessary safety and quality control requirements.

more About our gloves

A staple in every hospital, restaurant, salon, and laboratory is gloves. This vital protective equipment is essential for sanitation, whether you are handling biohazard samples, hair color, or something else. Gloves must be provided in many industries, according to governing bodies, but there are often stipulations on the types of gloves recommended. Depending on your needs, you may find that latex suits you best, or perhaps nitrile or vinyl would be ideal. Thankfully, here at Designer Care, we have many different kinds of gloves in stock, so you can choose the material that is best for your type of work.

Gloves are such an essential part of most workplaces, and are often bought in larger quantities. Much of the time, these are designed for single use, such as in medical facilities, but sometimes can be worn for longer periods, such as in automotive body shops. No matter what industry you’re in, investing in high-quality gloves is key. You can always count on us to have the types of gloves you want, at affordable prices. We are here to help you keep your staff safe, and your business running smoothly. Designer Care has three different glove materials to choose from:

  • Latex: stretchy, comfortable gloves made from natural rubber
  • Nitrile: synthetically blended gloves for optimal fit and durability
  • Vinyl: synthetic gloves that are cost-effective and easy to use

For those with latex allergies, we offer certified latex-free glove options online, as well as many gloves that feature textured grips, powdered/non-powdered options, flock lined or unlined options, FDA medical approval, and ambidextrous fit, for the widest range of uses. You’ll enjoy our bulk discounts on gloves, in addition to our unparalleled customer service. Whether you need gloves for your clinic, salon, daycare, food service, or another business, we’ve got you covered.