People in many different professions can benefit from disposable PPE, and this includes those in the line of duty. Police and law enforcement officers should always have protective equipment on hand, including durable gloves. When out on patrol, handling evidence, or interacting with citizens, it’s vital to stay safe and prevent transmission of germs or chemicals. Officers never know what they’re going to come up against when on duty, so having the best gloves is essential.

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Designer Care is proud to provide our police officers with the protective equipment that they need to continue serving our communities safely. If you’ve been searching for affordable gloves for law enforcement, you’ve come to the right place.

In this line of work, it’s vital to have superior durability and protection against a wide range of substances. From local police squads and correctional facilities to DEA and security details, safety is always at the top of mind. With the right PPE, your officers can approach their duty with greater confidence, knowing they are protecting themselves and others from potential contamination. Because law enforcement not only works directly with people who may be intoxicated or injured, but also directly with drugs and other dangerous substances, the right gloves go a long way. Many like to buy nitrile gloves online in bulk, as these are the most durable disposable option with a great tactile feel. Others like the ease and stretch of traditional latex gloves while on duty.

Designer Care has a huge lineup of gloves for law enforcement professionals, including powdered or powder-free, seamless or beaded cuffs, textured surface, ambidextrous fit, and many other features. A range of sizes and quantities is available, so reach out to us today if you need help choosing the right gloves for your squad.