When it comes to spreading dirt, chemicals, bacteria, and other hazards, shoes can be a major conduit. Walking along potentially contaminated floors can create a level of health risk that is unacceptable in many settings, particularly in healthcare and food/consumer product production. Thankfully, here at Designer Care, you can find disposable shoe covers for your business, and maintain your health and hygiene requirements.

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As part of a full barrier PPE protocol, shoe covers add a layer of peace of mind that can be valuable when exposed to infectious agents. This extra step not only provides protection for the wearer, but also others within the facility.

Shoes are some of the dirtiest items that many people own, as they are continually traversing different environments, both indoors and out, and are rarely cleaned or washed. It’s impossible to control all the factors of contamination, particularly if your staff brings in their own shoes from home. But the right shoe covers offer a simple method of protection that is reliable and easy to enforce. Our disposable shoe covers are made from non-woven, anti-slip material that can stretch to accommodate any shoe size. For medical, industrial, and food service settings, shoe covers can be a great way to keep facilities clean and sanitary. They not only prevent shoes from bringing dirt in from the outside, but they can prevent new contamination from exiting the area.

Designer Care is proud to be your online provider for a variety of PPE, including single-use shoe covers. These coverings give a moderate barrier against dirt, dust, particulates, and biohazard contamination, and should be considered essential in your full barrier PPE protocols. Got questions about our shoe covers or ordering in bulk? Get in touch with one of our friendly staff members today, and let us help!