Elite Guard Ear-Loop Masks


For superior protection against fluids, particulate materials, and microorganisms, the Elite Guard face masks provide the barrier that you need. These face masks are lint and fuzz free- no tickling feelings on your nose or face. The ear loops are some of the softest on the market, and do not place pressure on the ears- perfect for long wear times. Ideal for those with sensitivities, these masks do not contain any dyes, perfumes, or chemicals, and are free from latex and fiberglass. Ultra-soft and comfortable face masks can make your tasks much safer and more enjoyable, in medical, industrial, or household applications.

These professional-grade surgical masks offer excellent filtration, with a BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) over 95% for protection against viable microorganisms, and a PFE (particle filtration efficiency) at over 97% at 0.1 microns for protection against nonliving, nonviable particles. Get this level of protection, all while breathing freely and easily- the Elite Guard face masks have a Delta P (differential pressure) rating of less than 2.2. This allows you to stay cool and oxygenated. Soft ear loop face masks are perfect for wearing in hospital or clinical settings, during surgical or in-office procedures, while handling or preparing food, on days of poor air quality, or out in public during the height of cold or flu season. 

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1 box (50 masks), 1 case (12 boxes)


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