Latex Powder-Free Examination Gloves


Designer Care is proud to carry a range of latex exam gloves for your medical or clinical use. If you need FDA medical grade gloves, at affordable prices, you’re in the right place. Natural rubber latex is still a top choice among many healthcare workers, as it offers superior stretch and long-wearing comfort. Due to the inherently sticky properties of rubber latex, these gloves give excellent dexterity, making them perfect for jobs that require fine motor skills, like surgery, phlebotomy, and other procedures. Our latex exam gloves come in a variety of sizes, with powdered and powder-free options, all with amazing industry discount pricing. This material provides standard protection from bio-hazardous materials, as well as most water-based chemicals and solvents that are common in medical facilities.

Highly tactile, soft to the touch, and comfortable for even long periods of time, latex exam gloves are well-suited to the healthcare field. When performing delicate operations, or handling patients, you can trust our latex gloves to help you maintain health and hygiene, without restricting your movement. This is particularly helpful in dental clinics, phlebotomy and specimen collection sites, pharmacies, hospital wards, surgical suites, and physician’s offices. Latex gloves are also often used in urgent care, emergency room, in-home care, and assisted living facilities.

Disposable, Non-Sterile, Soft and Flexible; Powder-Free; Seamless with Beaded Cuffs, Premium Quality, Ambidextrous; Textured Surface & Fingertips for Sure Grip; FDA Medical Grade. Gloves Natural in Color.

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1 box (100 gloves), 1 case (10 boxes)


X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


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