Gloveworks Nitrile General Purpose Gloves


When you need the best, most durable nitrile gloves for general tasks, Designer Care has you covered. Nitrile is often considered the best material for a wide range of uses and is preferred for its strength. Unlike other glove materials like vinyl and latex, nitrile is resistant to punctures and tears, and is especially resistant to chemicals and solvents. Because of the unique properties of nitrile, it’s often the best choice for general use, as it offers a wide range of protective abilities. Disposable nitrile general purpose gloves are thick (typically between 5 mil and 15 mil), yet soft and stretchy enough to be comfortable. They are textured for superior grip and give priceless peace of mind during dirty jobs.

Whether you prefer powdered or powder-free, our nitrile gloves are latex-free and can be used by professionals and consumers alike. General purpose gloves are well-suited to any situation involving chemicals or solvents, including household cleaning, automotive maintenance, animal grooming, handling machinery or tools, handling or serving food, and many more common tasks. Industrial-grade nitrile gloves are highly resistant to things like grease, fuel, mild acids, and other chemicals that could potentially compromise a vinyl or latex glove. From mechanics to janitors, general purpose nitrile gloves are the clear choice.

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1 box (100 gloves), 1 case (10 boxes)


Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


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