Slip Resistant Shoe Covers


For optimal health and hygiene, it’s important to have shoes and other footwear covered. Here at Designer Care, we provide disposable shoe covers for medical and industrial use. Shoe covers are a wonderful and affordable piece of personal protective equipment (PPE), and are required in most cleanroom environments, as well as food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, operating rooms, research laboratories, and more. Ours are made from a durable, non-woven material that is treated for anti-slip protection and can stand up to most daily professional wear. These shoe covers are one size fits all- roomy enough to accommodate most foot sizes and shoe types. Shoes can be incredibly dirty, tracking in debris and other contaminants from multiple locations, and open shoes can present many safety liabilities. When you use Designer Care shoe covers, you’ll enjoy the reliable coverage, non-skid coating, and durable elastic, making them a valued part of your safety protocols. The blue color makes it easy to get on and off and ensures optimal coverage at all times. These are sometimes called boot covers or “booties,” and are commonly worn by nurses, surgeons, warehouse workers, pharmacists, contractors, laboratory technicians, researchers, and in most industrial and manufacturing facilities. Shoe covers are also sometimes used in art galleries, historical sites, and other tourist attractions.

Sizing: One Size Fits All

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1 box (100 shoe covers), 1 case (10 boxes / 100 pieces per box)


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