Bouffant Caps – 21″ & 24″


For optimal health and hygiene in food service, healthcare, pharmaceutical manufacturing, aerospace, and electronics manufacturing, the right head covering is essential. Designer Care is here to provide the best bouffant caps online, for whatever type of medical or industrial operation you have. Our 21-inch and 24-inch bouffant caps are made from non-static, non-woven material, and are ultra-lightweight and comfortable. With a soft elastic band that won’t snag or irritate the scalp, these disposable caps are perfect for any worker or visitor to your warehouse, clinic, or other facility. Whether you are creating foods for the consumer market, building computer microchips, or performing an operation, you need bouffant caps that you can rely on, that won’t break the bank.

Designer Care 21-inch and 24-inch bouffant caps are well-suited to cleanroom environments, where potential contamination from hair, hair products, oils, and skin cells is unacceptable. Comfortable and easy to take on and off, these caps are both secure and roomy enough to accommodate longer hairstyles. Thanks to the non-static properties of this cap material, all the hair will be contained away from the face, and hair will not be able to go through the cap. These 21-inch and 24-inch, white bouffant caps are perfect for not only tightly controlled cleanrooms, but are also worn by healthcare workers, caterers, salon and spa professionals, surgeons, chefs, and many others. 

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21", 24"


1 box (100 caps), 1 case (10 boxes / 100 pieces per box)


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