Running a salon is no easy task, and one that requires superb attention to detail. If you want to make your staff and your clients feel safe, it’s important to have the right protective supplies. Here at Designer Care, we provide a selection of PPE products that are perfect for use in a salon setting. Whether you are interacting with high-risk clients, you’re mixing up hair chemicals, or you’re doing a deep clean of your back room, we have the tools you need to do it safely. With our help, you can keep your salon up to the current health and hygiene codes, and make everyone who walks through your doors feel taken care of.

Most salons require a basic lineup of protective equipment, with the addition of a few extras during flu season. Gloves are a key piece, particular with stylists who specialize in color techniques, those who do direct skincare applications, and with nail technicians. Protecting the hands from chemicals is important, as well as preventing contamination between the hands and the client’s hair, skin, or nails. Whether you prefer powdered or powder-free, vinyl, latex, or nitrile, we have the best salon gloves online for your business.

When it comes to protection against airborne germs or chemicals, check out our lineup of disposable face masks. Salons tend to be high-traffic areas, with lots of exposure risk, so having face masks for your staff is a great idea. Thankfully, Designer Care has plenty of options for masks, gloves, and other salon supplies online, at great prices.

If you need help deciding on the best PPE options for your salon business, get in touch with us and we’d be happy to serve you!