Cleaning? Talk about a dirty job. From school janitors to hotel housekeeping staff, millions of people are doing the heavy lifting, keeping our public spaces clean and tidy. Because of the wide range of potential hazards in this line of work, having the right protective gloves is essential. Here at Designer Care, we carry a wide selection of vinyl, latex, and nitrile gloves that are perfect for any janitorial or housekeeping duties. Whether you run your own private cleaning company, you oversee a hotel or motel, or you’re involved in facility maintenance in any way, having a reputable glove supplier is priceless. We offer a huge number of different protective gloves, in many different materials, colors, and sizes, so you’re sure to find exactly what you need.

Our lineup of disposable cleaning and industrial gloves are designed to protect the wearer from hazards in the workplace, such as cleaning chemicals, solvents, and debris. Given the sheer volume of these jobsite hazards, it’s essential to keep the hands covered at all times. Janitors and other cleaning staff are exposed to hundreds of different substances on the job, from bleach to unidentifiable residue. They endure hours of scrubbing, mopping, soaking, wiping, and disinfecting, which can present health risks over time. Using the best janitorial gloves is a great way to reduce exposure and keep your facilities running safely and smoothly. In many cases, especially jobs involving kitchens and bathrooms, disposable gloves are safer than many of the reusable cleaning gloves on the market today. For optimal hygiene, especially with potential contamination with biohazard materials, check out our disposable nitrile, vinyl, or latex glove options.

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