When it comes to consumer health and safety, the food industry is one of the most stringent with its precautions. In both the food production and food service arenas, health and hygiene is extremely important. Whenever food is being made, bottled, packaged, prepped, cooked, or served, it’s vital that everyone involved be wearing the proper personal protective equipment, or PPE. For most restaurants and food service operations, that means gloves, at a minimum. Designer Care is proud to carry a huge selection of gloves, perfect for any food service operation. With several materials, styles, and sizes, our lineup of food handling gloves is sure to have your bases covered.

In most food-related settings, gloves are primarily worn to prevent contamination of the food products, and to keep the end consumer safe. Gloves can dramatically reduce the chance of a staff member’s skin, fingernails, blood, or other biohazards getting into the food, and when changed correctly, also prevent cross-contamination of germs between foods. Gloves are also worn to cover up any cuts or scrapes, and protect the wearer from splashes or cleaning chemicals. No matter what your food service business looks like, gloves should be an essential part of your hygiene protocols. Most people prefer vinyl gloves, because they are inexpensive and easy to change. However, some people like the fit and stretch of latex gloves, or sometimes nitrile, for their durability.

To meet basic safety regulations, gloves should be worn by your staff any time they are handling foods, either raw ingredients or final prepared dishes. The frequent changing of gloves requires that your glove material be reliable and cost-effective, and thankfully, Designer Care has what you need. With bulk discounts and great prices for food service gloves online, we can help you keep your restaurant or other food service operation running smoothly.